Who we are

Gonzalo Pereyra de Olazábal
JD, UCA, 1997, Buenos Aires, Argentina
LLM, Washington University in St. Louis, 2001, United States of America
Founding Partner, PLB – Abogados
IP Management
Tech Management Center at universities within the United States of America
Analysis and design of strategies
IP audits

Francisco José Risso Ubeda
Accountant, UCA, 1990, Buenos Aires, Argentina
BA, UCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Founding Partner, Inforbank
Member of I.A.B.C. (International Association of Business Comunicators)
Consulting in marketing and commercialization
Development of trademarks and products, business communication, company image.
Strategic planning
Systems for knowledge management

Martín Parselis
EE, ITBA, 1996, Buenos Aires, Argentina
MBA, UCA EOI Madrid, 1997
Founding Partner, iGnisis
Professor at UCA ICOS, FLACSO
Consultant for the private and public sector
Audits on software and intangibles assets
Analysis of processes
Consulting in tech development, innovation and value-chains
Consulting in processes and applied Techonology of the Information
Consulting and research in education and new technologies
Our Team
We have a trained team in intangibles assets for their proper analysis and review.
Analysis of the information

Bound to the most strong confidentiality agreement, our team analyzes the gathered information, studies the necessary adjustments and crosses the information that will become the ground to explore possible paths for intangible assets exploitation


Each case is helped by experts in the pertinent industry or sector. By this means, we secure that all along the process the analysis and design of strategies is adequate and proper to each specializatio

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